Ferrari California T

Used Luxury cars Winter Haven

Have you had your eye on used luxury cars in Winter Haven? If you are considering investing in a pre owned exotic sports car, visit Ferrari of Central Florida. Our esteemed luxury car dealership has been serving the community for decades. We are a family owned dealership deeply involved in our community. Our dealership stocks a fantastic selection of used Ferrari in Winter Haven. Purchasing your next exotic car used is an extremely savvy decision. Ferrari cars are rare in the sense that they retain their value much better than many other exotics. Constructed from only the highest quality parts and materials, Ferrari cars are built to last. You can rest assured that your used Ferrari will have plenty of life left ahead of it. Ferrari of Central Florida is located in Orlando, central in the state of Florida. Our location makes us easy for customers across the state to access. The selection and service at Ferrari of Central Florida is so well regarded that many customers choose to drive from all over Florida. They know that Ferrari of Central Florida delivers outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on providing a shopping experience on par with the luxury of Ferrari cars. From the instant that you set foot into our elegant showroom, you can expect the white glove treatment. Our dedicated sales team shares our unparalleled passion for the Ferrari brand. They will be thrilled to help you navigate toward the ideal Ferrari for your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team should you have any questions while shopping our choice of used luxury cars in Winter Haven.

Do you have a particular model of Ferrari in mind for your purchase, like the Ferrari California T? The Ferrari California T is a popular model. Sporting a powerful front mounted, twin-turbo V8 engine, the Ferrari California T has a top speed of almost 200mph. This gorgeous Ferrari model is definitely not for the timid driver. Offering a horsepower of over 500, the Ferrari California T will make you the envy of the neighborhood. The stunning Ferrari California reflects Ferrari’s racing roots in its beautiful design. You are certain to enjoy your daily commute behind the wheel of this knockout sports car. If you are interested in finding a used Ferrari California for sale, please inquire with our helpful sales team. Maybe your mind has not been made up on which model of Ferrari to invest in. If you would like some assistance selecting the perfect used luxury car in Winter Haven, let our sales team know. At Ferrari of Central Florida, we take a customer based approach to car sales. Our sales team will take the time to gain an understanding of your personal preferences and priorities. We strive to make informed recommendations. Ferrari manufactures a diverse lineup. We firmly believe that there is an ideal Ferrari for every customer. Allow our sales team to help guide you towards finding the perfect match. Ferrari of Central Florida is the educated customer’s top choice for luxury in Central Florida.

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